About the Contents

This blog was begun in July of 2017 to describe the U.S. healthcare system policies and reform attempts under President Donald Trump. These reforms are aimed at changing our healthcare delivery system through weakening federal involvement in healthcare, along with repealing federal regulations in a wide array of healthcare-related areas.

From repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (enacted under President Obama) to regulations pertaining to prescription drugs, the environment, and senior housing, Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress are focused on significantly changing laws that affect the health status of all Americans. While Trump is the President, careful attention needs to be paid to efforts to alter the healthcare delivery system and to eliminate nearly all longstanding “safety net” programs.

The purpose of this blog is to foster awareness of the Trump Administration’s efforts to impact U.S. healthcare delivery through policies and legislation. The rapid pace of policy and legislative action affecting health and social services necessitates close public attention to funding decisions and plans that have the potential to impact the health of our society. Knowledge is a tool for people’s empowerment. Therefore, the primary aim of this blog is to foster increased knowledge and understanding related to current national issues affecting the health of the U.S. population.

— Elizabeth Samit